2 thoughts on “Regio Emilia

  1. Love the rocks. I am hoping you get this comment and will allow me to use your comment on the TWT website from a post I did last Saturday about preschool writing. Contact me via email at bets577[at]gmail[dot]com
    Thank you

  2. The physical experience of gathering data using our senses is critical to the development both cognitive and intuitive skills. The greater amount of ‘play’ time / physical engagement,the more complex and expansive the system of neural pathways is created and thus the more powerful brain will be available to the adult that grows into this brain. Beware iPad babies who are distracted from time in the ‘sandbox’ by the glittering fascination of imagery flickering on screens no matter how cleverly created. The empty images cannot replace the essential glory of childhood’s touch, feel, smell, reach, grasp, taste, run, jump, push, pull, doodle et al that builds real connection and empathy for the natural world into which we are born. “Play the Imagination!”

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