Monthly Archives: July 2015

Summer dreaming

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We are currently at High Hampton in Cashiers, swimming long luxurious swims in the cold lake, sleeping soundly to a chorus of bullfrogs, and delighting the the pleasures of food that you don’t need to prepare yourself (although that is a pleasure as well).  The period of summer that is free of outside demands is one in which my mind can run freely with the possibilities that the upcoming school year promises.  Llamas passing by on afternoon hikes, the breeze blowing over the lake, a great blue heron sailing in to lunch on a frog;  all provide pictures that feed the imagination for the year ahead.


Nevertheless, my thoughts drift along with the breeze toward the beginning of school, and my new class of kindergarteners.  As I spend my days swimming, hiking, and reading I’m thinking of an umbrella onto which I can anchor the red thread that will lead the class along through our year together.    Some words that are resonating with me for now are music, space, time, feeling, light….More are bubbling up every day as I think of ways to connect these words to ways that we approach learning in the space and time of kindergarten.

If you think of a word/phrase/linchpin that we might use, send it on!